Library School – An Intro

A first post about library school. I like to call it that because the Americanism seems to be coming into more general use over here. I’m studying part time via distance learning at Northumbria University and I have yet to actually visit Newcastle! There was an optional one day study school in September, but I missed it since I started the course late. Contact with tutors is by phone or email. A Facebook group set up by some of our cohort has proven a lively forum for discussion and commiseration. We use an online learning platform/VLE to access teaching material, discussion boards, reading lists and the library’s online resources. They post us the set texts for each module which is very useful and I am now accumulating a nice little information science library. I have also gotten access to my local university library through the SCONUL Access scheme. That’s been really useful come assignment time when I need to do research and track down sources that I cannot access online. Unfortunately they only let me borrow four items at once though…

A bit about the course structure. We take two modules at a time so it is manageable even if you’re working full time, which the majority of students are as far as I can gather. I’m lucky in that I have two week days to devote to study because a lot of the others have to complete coursework at evenings and weekends. After sixteen months, I will (fingers crossed) be awarded a postgraduate diploma, and at that point you can stop or carry on and write a dissertation to receive the masters qualification.

I finished two modules at the end of January: Managing in the Information Environment and Hypermedia for the Information Professional. Thankfully I passed both of them, an encouraging sign at this point. Those were the two that attracted me to the programme in the first place so it was good to start with topics I was interested in. I’m currently working on Collection Management and Organising Knowledge modules. I plan to blog in a bit more detail about each module so watch this space.