New Year, New Thoughts

I have had a very busy autumn and holiday season so I’m only just finding time to reflect and write a new blog post. Some of the things I’ve been up to in the past few months since my last post.

  • Wrapped up a project I did at school on motivational reading. Hopefully this will bear some fruit in the new year. Basically I did some research around the topic, evaluated our library/reading programme and proposed some strategies and ideas on how improve reading motivation in the Year 7-9 students who do the Accelerated Reader scheme.
  • Attended the Diamond Jubilee anniversary reception of IAML (UK & Irl) in October at the Foundling Museum in London. This was a great event. I actually sent out all the invitations and handled the responses, so I was surprised to turn up on the night and find that I knew a lot of people there, by name/institution at least – and they knew me! It was an evening to celebrate the work of a very active branch over the past 60 years, only the last two of which I have been involved in. We also heard a wonderful piece of music, commissioned by the branch for the Jubilee, entitled Orpheus with his Lute by Howard Skempton, performed by the choir Chantage.
  • Put together an application to the John Campbell Trust for a conference grant to attend IFLA’s World Library and Information Congress in Lyon, France in August 2014. I was very pleased and surprised to win! I’ve been getting to know more about the work of IFLA over the past few months, and am really excited about the chance to attend the WLIC. I hope to meet some of the people who’ve been turning up in the various New Professionals Special Interest Group webinars I’ve participated in recently.
  • Doubled down on the administration and advertising work in my role as bursaries administrator with the Music Libraries Trust for the upcoming round of bursary applications for IAML’s Annual Study Weekend in April at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. This involved a fair amount of emailing, letter writing, tweeting, Facebooking and sending out of posters.
  • Spent two weeks in the USA for Thanksgiving. Not much more to say other than, what an amazing time of family, friends and yummy food!

Professionally I’ve spent some time reflecting on what goals I want to achieve this year. With four months under my belt at my new job, I feel like I know the ropes and now want to turn my focus to how I can improve, what I can contribute and what skills I can gain. More to come on this later…

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