My Mind Maps

Mind Map for Henry VIII

Mind Map for Henry VIII (Photo credit: MyThoughtsMindMaps)







These are some of the “mind maps” I’ve done recently of my network and my life/education/career path so far. It’s been useful to step back and get some perspective through pondering your life and putting things on paper.  This website gives a fuller explanation of the technique and tips on how to go about it for yourself.  These type of exercises help you think about who you know and how you got to where you are now and what you enjoyed the most along the way- all good things to capitalize on when you’re job hunting!  A quick google turned up actual software tools that help you create mind maps, but pen and paper works too!

I ran out of space on this one…



…hence an extension page, mostly relating to Musicology/LIS stuff from the past year:




My network mind map got a bit messy:



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