My First webpage

I’ve just created my first webpage, Challenge #3 of P2PU School of Webcraft.  I use OS X and so when trying out text editors, I found VIM first since it was free and apparently awesome.  However!  I have no background knowledge of coding at all and I found VIM difficult- just as the challenge indicated!  I downloaded Text Wrangler next.  The difference was like night and day.  First of all, it opened with a blank doc.  I had to figure out how to start a new doc with VIM, but with Text Wrangler it was ready right off the bat.  As I said I’m a total beginner, so I really appreciate user friendliness!  I found the highlighted line in Text Wrangler helpful since you then know exactly which line you’re on.  The indent functions also were very intuitive, and the indents came out just like the example in Challenge #2.  I saved my html doc and it opened just fine in my browser!

Conclusion:  Text Wrangler works for me and I’d recommend for it for other people with no coding background.


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